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Razer will allow you to sign up to try out their RGB face mask

Razer has given its N95 mask a new label and announced the commencement of a beta test ahead of its scheduled fourth quarter release.

It’s called the Razer Zephyr, and you can sign up to be a beta tester on Razer’s website right now.

A community beta test is being offered for the newly redesigned Razer Zephyr.

Beta testers are likely to receive the Razer Zephyr at some point in the future, but Razer did not provide a specific release date. There is no word on a price, but based on its feature set, it’s unlikely to be very affordable.

When beta testers might expect to receive their Zephyr masks has not been specified by Razer.

As Razer revealed in its launch video, beta testers may receive a different mask design than what has been shown thus far.

Razer Zephyr

Project Hazel’s successor appears to be bigger and rounder than its predecessor, and the mask’s grille is more apparent than in prior shots.

It was first announced in January as a prototype with voice amplification, RGB lights and a transparent face shield, along with medical-grade N95 respirators that would be sterilized with UV radiation when placed in a wireless charging box.

There was no mention of  additional ventilation or to assist in voice amplification features in Razer’s earlier designs for the face mask.

Razer will allow you to sign up to try out their Zephyr RGB face mask
Razer will allow you to sign up to try out their Zephyr RGB face mask. Source: Razer.com

Zephyr beta programme details and prospective design modifications have been requested by The Verge from Razer.

After beta participants receive their masks, we’ll have a better notion of the design, but just the news of the programme makes the Zephyr seem more tangible.

It’s hard to believe that this mask has gone from a fun concept at CES to becoming an actual product that Razer intends to release.

Wearability, affordability, and enjoyment are fundamentally independent issues.

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