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Redgear Pro Series Wireless Gamepad – Xbox controller alternative

Redgear Pro series wireless gamepad with lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, play & play feature.

Let’s have a look at what does it offer. And is it worth buying?

This tech gadget is for gamers who want to take their desktop gaming experience to another level, just like the pro.

Now, we know that already there is a keyword, especially for gamers with RBG lit keys, that make the whole gaming setup look awesome. It’s all okay up to here, but what if you want to play with more perfection & accuracy?

Well, in this scenario wireless gamepads can help you to take your gaming expertise to an even greater level, remember in gaming, especially in a first-person shooter, perfection & accuracy are required to some extent.

If you can’t press the right key at the required time, then you have a disadvantage over your opponent.

This redgear pro series wireless gamepad can give you the must-needed rich gaming experience that you’re looking for. Wireless gamepads provide you with flexibility & ease, play wherever you feel comfortable, maybe on the sofa or in your bed, that’s up to you!

Wireless Technology

Redgear gamepad uses 2.4 GHz wireless technology that can give you a gaming coverage up to 10 m approx, which is more than enough.

Redgear Pro Series Wireless Gamepad Full View
Redgear Pro Series Wireless Gamepad Full View

As told earlier that to play some games requires high precision & if the gamepad is unable to deliver that type of performance then you’re doomed.

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VR Technolgy

So that you don’t face a situation like that, Redgear Pro series wireless gamepad is empowered with precise VR technology on both the left & right stick for the very purpose to provide gamers like you & me the required precision & perfection.

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X-input & Direct-input Compatible

Redgear gamepad is compatible with both X-input and direct-input, meaning that you can start playing the latest games on your pc just by plugging the device. Another useful feature is that you can effectively choose between X-input mode and direct input mode with the help of a dedicated switch.

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No Additional Drivers

Just install the drivers that come with this redgear gamepad, nothing else is required to download from the internet. This driver helps you to play both the latest & classic games without the need for any additional need for driver software.

P.S. Now you don’t need to install any redgear pro series wireless gamepad driver on your PC or laptop to play games, it auto-detects the gamepad instantly. Just plug it and play.

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Illuminating Keys

Just like our RGB-lit gaming keyboards, the redgear pro series wireless gamepad also has built-in illuminating ABXY keys. Redgear Pro series wireless gamepad is really the best choice for the wireless gaming experience.

Vibration Feedback

Did I mention, that you feel the realistic vibration feedback like bumps, gunshots, and crashes for games you’re playing? That’s due to its dual high-intensity motors which are fitted in it. This is some out-of-the-box feature that the price you’re getting this best gaming gamepad in India 2022.

By pressing the BACK key along with RS, you can turn OFF/ON the vibration.

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Redgear pro wireless gamepad turbo mode for FPS games

if you’re playing first-person shooting games, then there is also a very useful feature i.e. Turbo Mode, this enables you to customize your guns for better shooting. Another reason to buy it, or I say to own it!

Battery Backup

And at last, the most obvious question is everything is cool but about the battery back, eh?

Well, trust me, it doesn’t disappoint there at all. It has a battery backup of 10 hours that you’ll get on a straight 4-hour charging. Also, in times of need, half an hour of charging will give you 2 hours of gaming sessions!

Redgear Pro Series Wireless Gamepad Features:

Redgear pro Series Wireless Gamepads With Built in rechargeable battery and Plug and Play support for all PC games supports Windows, read gear, wireless gamepads
  • Integrated force feedback
  • Illuminated ABXY keys
  • 2 analog triggers
  • 2 analog sticks
  • 11 digital keys
  • Built-in battery
  • Windows 10 compatible
  • 10m wireless range
  • 2 dongles (new model)

Redgear Pro Wireless Gamepad Review:

Well in terms of performance it doesn’t disappoint, works smoothly. The controller works like a charm, the vibration feedback is the icing on the cake. Hassle-free connection, plug & play.

If you’re facing any problem configuring or understanding any feature, go through this Redgear pro wireless gamepad manual.


Redgear wireless gamepad gives you a premium feel,  it’s much more like an Xbox controller, just lacks the built quality. This is the best wireless gamepad controller under 2000 in India.

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How to connect Redgear Pro wireless gamepad?

Features & functions of the readgear pro wireless gamepad are just the same as any other gamepad/joystick.
As this one is a wireless model, you’re required to plug the dongle into the desired gaming console, laptop, or desktop. As soon as you do it, you’re good to start playing your favorite games with it.

Is Redgear wireless gamepad good?

After using it for months, all I can say is that it is on par with Xbox 360 controller. The build quality is superb, and the vibration feedback does the job pretty well.
This is a value-for-money product for those who cannot afford the original controller or looking for a budget pick.

Is Redgear Pro compatible with PS4?

Yes, Redgear pro is 100% compatible with PS4. It works just fine. You may not get the same feeling playing with it as it was with the original play station controller, but it does the job.

Editor Ratings
  • 2.4GHz wireless technology
  • 10 metres range
  • ABXY keys with backlight illumination
  • Connectivity
  • Battery Backup


Redgear pro wireless gamepad is the best alternative to original Xbox 360 and PS4 controllers under the Rs 2000 budget for gamers.

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