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Refrigerator Buying Guide India: 7 Tips to Consider Before Buying

Having a home appliance like refrigerator seems no less than a necessity these days, and trust me, you cannot imagine your place without a refrigerator in there.

Agree or not; be it small or big, single door or double door, everyone needs a refrigerator to fulfill their basic requirements.

Refrigerator is not something that you could skip on; but the kind of refrigerator you should buy may vary from person to person.

Everybody has got different lifestyles these days and this makes it all the more important to emphasize the fact that a single type of refrigerator cannot fulfill everyone’s requirements.

Somebody has got a huge family to cater to, while someone is living in their bachelorette pad; and it is not just the households where we need to have refrigerators, it has to be in offices, factories, all sorts of workplaces, hotels, restaurants and the like.

So, the whole point of this discussion is quite clear, and we do not want to brag any more about how necessary a refrigerator is in our daily lives.

Refrigerator Buying Guide India: 7 Tips to Consider Before Buying 1

But one thing we want to make sure is that our readers do not freak out while buying a perfect refrigerator for their place.

Well, with so many options available out there, one is not to be blamed if they get confused. Also, there are people who do not even know what they are buying, they just watch an advertisement and go out to buy the thing.

But you know as much as we know, that is not the right way to buy something.

You need to do proper research and know the thing before you get out to buy it. You need to know what your requirements are and how to select the best product that jams well with your requirements.

This exercise is really necessary because you do not want to end up buying a wrong refrigerator and later regret your decision.

Therefore, we have brought up a precise buying guide for you all as a ready reference guide that contains all the factors that you should consider while buying a refrigerator.

Also, at some points we have listed the top brands of refrigerators that might cater your needs.

You can view a wide range of refrigerators available online on Amazon, Flipkart and can make use of the ongoing discounts, deals and schemes.

Here we go:


Capacity of a refrigerator is the first and foremost thing that you should be considering while buying one. The capacity of the refrigerator defines the space it will have to accommodate all your stuff.

This depends on the person using the refrigerator.

If you have to buy a refrigerator for a single person, then a refrigerator with smaller capacity; ranging from 40-80 liters will suffice, but on the other hand a refrigerator for a family of 4 or 5 people need to be of larger capacity.

The capacity of a refrigerator is determined in liters.

The price of a refrigerator will vary according to the capacity. A refrigerator with larger capacity will also demand more care and maintenance.

Further different models, designs, varieties are available in markets with varying capacities.

The capacity within the refrigerator can also be bifurcated into different sections, means the freezer capacity and the fridge capacity.

People who use more of packed food, would require more of a freezer and accordingly prefer refrigerators with large freezer capacity.

While on the other hand if you need fresh veggies, fruits, milk, etc; you will require more fridge capacity rather than the freezer. Hence, this is also one of the decisive factors.

This factor needs to be considered carefully because if you buy a refrigerator of a capacity larger or smaller than what you actually require, it might be an extra burden for you.


The refrigerators, these days are not confined to the age-old single door model. But they are available in different types and styles these days, which are listed as below:

Refrigerator Buying Guide India: 7 Tips to Consider Before Buying 2

SINGLE DOOR REFRIGERATORS: These are the simplest form of refrigerators that have been available in the market since ages. These types of refrigerators are cost-effective and can range from a capacity of 100-250 liters.

They are ideal for a single adult or at max a family of 2 people. But, ideally if you think your family size might grow in future, then you should reconsider buying this model.

Single door refrigerators usually do not have many features, will be available in Direct cool mode and have got limited storage space.

DOUBLE DOOR REFRIGERATORS: You will find these kinds of refrigerators commonly used in the households these days. They have two doors; one for the freezer and the other for the fridge.

They have a larger capacity ranging from 250-500 liters.

The freezer could be located either on the top or the bottom. Usually, the double door models are equipped with more features and are more energy efficient. If you have a family of 2-4 people, then you should go for double door refrigerators only.

TRIPLE DOOR REFRIGERATORS: Triple door refrigerators are the new in these days. They have got three compartments- the first one is generally the freezer compartment, in the middle we have the normal fridge and the last one is specially built for you to store fresh vegetables.

They look sleek and stylish. They have got the capacity ranging from 250-350 liters.

You can go for these refrigerators if you wish to keep and maintain your food stuff in a highly organized manner and want your refrigerator to look all clean.

SIDE BY SIDE REFRIGERATORS: With larger capacities, come larger costs. These refrigerators are large enough to cater to the needs of a large family of 5-10 people easily. They have got a capacity of more than 500 liters and can be as huge as 850 liters.

They are well-equipped with frost free technology and other wide range of modern features. If you have got a big, smart and modular kitchen; then these refrigerators would be the perfect match for you.

A built-in ice and water dispenser adds to the beauty of these voluminous refrigerators.

MINI FRIDGE: You must have commonly seen these mini fridges in the hotel rooms. These are quite small and are not widely used in the households.

You could use them in offices or workplaces, where you do not have to store a lot of stuff. These cater to the basic needs with a capacity of about 40-80 liters and are generally direct cool in nature. 


Direct Cool refrigerators are the conventional models that are available at reasonable prices. Direct Cool refrigerators ensure more energy savings, and they run on natural convention.

You will have to defrost manually if you buy a direct cool refrigerator. Food cannot be preserved for a longer period of time in such refrigerators.

While on the other hand, a frost -free refrigerator which is equipped with electric fans to evenly distribute air to the compartments of your refrigerator and ensure automatic defrosting.

This results in food preservation for a longer period of time. But as far as power consumption is concerned, these refrigerators are not that energy efficient as are the direct cool refrigerators.

Also, these are a bit more expensive than the direct cool refrigerators.

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The more energy efficient is your refrigerator, the more you save. And it’s not just monetary savings by cutting on your electricity bills, but you also are doing your duty towards the environment by buying energy efficient machinery.

For your ease, most of the refrigerators have this energy efficient tag on their door itself. You can easily know how energy efficient your refrigerator is by having a look at the star rating. 5 -star rating implies the most energy efficient refrigerator.

However, it might cost you a few extra bucks to acquire a 5- star rated refrigerator, but It is totally worth it. Furthermore, we recommend you to buy a refrigerator with inverter compressor rather than the normal compressor because:

A. It is more energy efficient

B. It creates a lot less noise.

C. It cuts down your power bills to a great extent.


You can get a refrigerator at different prices. With additional features, the prices tend to hike. You have to consider your budget along with your requirements.

There are different brands available out there which offer you premium features and might cost you a fortune. But if you do not really require those premium features, you do not have to spend a huge amount of money.

That is why it is advisable to be first aware of your requirements and then select what is the best for you, so that you do not end up overspending.

#6 Add- ons

These days there are a hell lot of features that a refrigerator offers you. Some of these additional features are listed as below:

TOUGHENED GLASS SHELVES: No plastic anymore, for it is the time you shift to these stylish toughened glass shelves. They are much more sturdy and durable. They are also capable of holding more load. 

ICE AND WATER DISPENSERS: People have loved this feature so much. It is so easy to operate this dispenser on the click of a switch. You can get this feature in a side by side refrigerator or a French door refrigerator.

SMART REFRIGERATORS: If you are ready to part with a huge amount of money, then you must surely try out these all new smart refrigerators which have got a lot of features and can be operated easily with your smartphone.

They are accessed through an app on your phone, and you can manage your refrigerator easily.

Many popular brands like Samsung have smart refrigerators with innovative technology and touch screens. You can browse through Amazon and consider these.

COOL PACKS: If you have to face frequent problems with power cuts in your area, then summers won’t be easy if your refrigerator does not have a cool pack.

A cool back is usually found in all the modern refrigerators these days. These can keep your freezer cold for an average 12 hours even without any power.


Now you can modify your refrigerator as per your ease. In case you require more fridge space than you can now convert your freezer space into the fridge by the temperature control knob.

And it is quite easy and beneficial at the same time whenever you are in need of some extra space for your refrigerator.

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  • Samsung
  • Haier
  • LG
  • Whirlpool
  • Panasonic

The above list is not an inclusive list. You can definitely try your hands on other brands as well, but these are some of the best available out there.


We hope this buyer’s guide serves the purpose right, and we were able to cover all your doubts. You can get the best refrigerators online with extra savings on account of special offers and discounts. Happy buying!

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