Review Methodology

All the reviews that are currently published on Geeky Gadgets website are well research and written by real human writers, no proxy, user generated content or ghostwriters.

We proud ourselves in providing unbiased and in-depth review of useful gadgets & electronic appliances that are helping people, i.e. our esteemed readers who visit this website, to purchase the perfect product.

All the reviews that are written here on this website are not influenced by sponsors or any brand. They are solely our views. If we review any product or publish any post for which we’re getting paid by any brands, we tag those posts as “Sponsored”, so that people don’t get mislead by anyhow.

Geeky Gadget’s Review Process

The review method that our expert team follow:

How do we review products
How do we review products

Use the product if available

We try to buy the product so team up with product owners, showrooms, shops and retailers for the real time demonstration of the products. It helps us to know more about the product, it’s performance, design, usability, etc.

P.S. We are a small website, so we can’t afford expensive electronic products, in that case we mainly rely on the information give to us by the manufacturers/support team and customer feedbacks.


Yes, cost is one of the deciding factor when it comes to buying stuff. So, we care select products that are no way too expensive or overvalued. We only look for products that are value for the money spent.


What makes the product different from its peer? Well it’s the extra features or just the features needed, not exaggerating to fool the customer with unnecessary features.

This helps our readers to avoid over-priced or over-optimized products.


This is the best part, where we list all the products and their specification along with the features to complete with other products from the same vertical. This helps to visualize and compare the products to narrow the search for the most desired item among all others.

Best-in-class lists

We write long listicle articles to mention the best of products available in the market for a single vertical, like top 10 best water purifiers to buy or 10 best trimmers for men, etc. We curate all the products for you in one place.


The most important part of product selection is that the product we’re going to buy really solves the problem we’re facing, i.e. does it serve the reason for which we’re buying it?

We do the that job for you, we research & analyze each of the products, select the best ones that are capable of solving the problems or issues faced the customers.


What are the benefits of buy that particular product, we try to mention each of the features that are mentioned by the manufactures along with the benefits it’ll provide.

Our Verdict

For each review blog post or article we write also provide an “our verdict” column, to mention the products we liked & why, among all the listed items in a specific review post. The reviews are our personal.

There are the product review guidelines that we and our experts adhere to while doing a product review.

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