Evaluate your Risk associated with Data Recovery

Risk free data recovery

Yesterday, my laptop suddenly shut down and didn’t start again. When I took it for repair, I found out that my hard disk has crashed, but the provider assured they’ll try for risk-free data recovery.

I have not decided yet, but, I want to know how to calculate data loss risk?

While that is one best case scenario, most of us start meddling to recover data. We download various software, try different services, read online solutions, and when nothing works, we contact a risk-free data recovery service provider.

By then, although we may be very optimistic, we know there is a chance that we have done extra damage.

Risk free data recovery

Permanent Data Loss Risk

Every time you use a hit and trial method for recovering data, you are causing more damage that can lead to permanent data loss.

Multiple failed attempts at recovering data can make these changes irreversible, and by the time you’ll reach a data recovery provider, you would have caused permanent damage.

Note: In any such scenario, instead of blindly trying anything, contact Stellar Data Recovery. For instance, if there is data loss from a crashed external hard drive, then there can be any physical or logical issues.

If you keep tampering with the hard drive, you can permanently lose data.

Permanent Data Loss Situations

If you fail to take professional help for data loss and keep trying hit and trial methods, you can lose your data permanently.

It can happen in following ways:

· Logical damage

After realizing that you have lost data, you try various things such as formatting, restoring, restarting, and using data recovery software.

Whether you believe it or not, this causes further damage. Let’s say you format the hard drive for recovering data.

By doing this, you may have removed the table of contents of the drive. In another case, if you download software for risk-free data recovery, you can overwrite data and lose the previous files permanently.

· Physical damage

Physical damage can happen when you trust an amateur with your data. They may open up the drive in an unprotected environment or use an unauthorized software on the drive.

Moreover, if this person doesn’t know what he is doing, he might end up losing your data forever due to physical damage.

Note: Sometimes, using a data recovery software may help you recover the files, but it will not be able to detect the physical or hardware damages in your drive or device.

These may go undetected, and while you may have recovered the data, you won’t be able to prevent data loss risk.

Data Breach Risk

If we keep everything aside, then more than anything your data may be at risk of being used unethically. If you randomly pick a data recovery provider, then this person or organization can unethically use your data.

· For organizations, this lost data can involve employees and customers’ confidential information.

This can be financial data, and putting this data in wrong hands can cause you a lot of financial damage.

· For individuals, it can be anything confidential that can be misused. There can be pictures, private files, identity cards, or bank account details stored on the drive that can be misused.

Tip: Avoid going to random stores for data loss solutions as this can put forth data breach risk. If not that, the people working in these stores may not be skilled and certified and they can cause physical or logical damage to the drive. And we all know, when that happens, you might not be able to retrieve your data at all.

Risk-Free Data Recovery Options

For avoiding data breach risk and data loss risk, it is necessary to contact a data recovery service that uses only certified and ethical data recovery methods.

Stellar Data Recovery has more than 2 million satisfied customers, more than 8,000 partners worldwide, 15 branches across India and no recovery-no charge policy*, State of the art Class-100 Clean Room Lab.

Stellar Data Recovery offers one of the best industry services and ensures that trained professionals handle your data to avoid the risk of data loss and data breach.


The bottom line is nobody likes to lose data. We all have important files, images, and documents saved on our hard drive and losing this data can cause serious damage to some.

So, choose data recovery service provider wisely, and make sure whosoever you trust with your data ensures risk-free data recovery.

About Stellar data recovery

It is an ISO 27001 & ISO 9001 certified organization and provides 100% safe and secure data recovery services since 1993.

Stellar, have served more than 2+ Million customers worldwide and the services available to both corporates and individuals for all kind of data loss situations.

For more details about stellar data recovery services visit their official website www.stellarinfo.co.in or dial their toll free number 1800-102-3232

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