Second-Hand iPhone: 7 things to check before buying

Second-Hand iPhone: 7 things to check before buying

Everything You Need to Know about When Buying a Second-Hand iPhone

Are you in the market of buying a used iPhone?

Don’t want to get stick with a long-term carrier contract or simply cannot afford the complete price of the brand new iPhone?

Whatever is the reason, you must consider the following things before you buy a second-hand iPhone.

Second-Hand iPhone: 7 things to check before buying

Here the thing which you shouldn’t overlook when buying a used iPhone:

Know the Network or Purchase an Unlocked iPhone

One of the essential factors to take into account when buying a refurbished iPhone is to assure that the device works with your choice of carrier.

The simplest method is to purchase directly from your carrier, most provide certified refurbished or pre-owned devices that will give you an assurance to work on that carrier.

If you don’t prefer the carrier route, make sure that the used product which you are looking to buy defines that it’s compatible and ready to activate on, whichever carrier you select.

You can purchase an unlocked iPhone that gets activated on any carrier.

Make sure that the second-hand iPhone which you want to shop supports all the related network frequencies for your carrier or might not have optimal coverage.

Know the Sellers Return Policy

If you don’t purchase a used iPhone for a carrier or the phone maker, try to buy this smartphone from a reseller with the best return policy.

Since physical damage can be easily detected at the moment you get the phone, spotting the malfunctioning of the software or hardware is a bit longer.

So, take into account the return policy when you are shopping for a smartphone.

Note the Overall Condition of the iPhone

The screen of the iPhone is the major concern when you are analyzing a second-hand phone.

Any cracks or chips are an immediate deal breaker because replacing the screen is expensive and might reflect some other concerns with the device.

Second-Hand iPhone: 7 things to check before buying
Here, you must look for any dent which indicates that a device is dropped repeatedly. That might start to initiate iPhone body separation or damage to the inner components.

In the event, the iPhone passes these tests, then must question what types of minor scratches are there which you can tolerate and whether you are looking to use a case.

It’s worth taking into account that superficial damage means a lower price, and with the case covering of the smartphone, you will look for any cosmetic flaws in daily use.

Check the Warranty

Most of the iPhones have hardware and manufacturing defects. If the iPhone warranty period is not expired then you can rectify them from the company with no cost.

There are many tools that enable you to check whether the second-hand iPhone is covered with warranty.

For this what you have to do is to check the serial number or IMEI number.

Consider the Life of Battery

The brand new iPhones have an incredible battery life. But, with the constant usage of the phone, the battery gets weakened.

Check out the hours of use of the iPhone has passed through and consider that the battery should not be replaced by a third-party.

Consider the Software Updates

While the hardware on your iPhone stays the same at the day when it was sold, the hardware continues to advance.

No doubt, software updates are of a less concern for the iPhones, but Apple supports the old hardware. Still, take caution when you are buying an iPhone that is some years old.

This fall’s iOS 11 update will work reportedly on the 64-bit devices, meaning that the smartphones like iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c are not able to run on the current software.

Check out whether the iPhone is stolen

Assure that you are purchasing a stolen device. It would be tragic to purchase a smartphone that is reported to be stolen.

These days, it’s a serious concern. Most of the iPhones are stolen and then shipped to the different countries where they are sold to the unsuspicious customers.

Make sure to ask the seller for the ESN, MEID or IMEI number, as these the resources that will help you to figure out if the iPhone is stolen or not.

Search for the ‘ESN check’ or ‘IMEI check’ yields good websites where you can check that the smartphone is legit.

If the phone is locked with a particular carrier, you can request for the ESN or IMEI from the seller can call the carrier for the info.

The Bottom Line

Purchasing a brand new iPhone can be a big financial burden. Though iPhones long for last than the other phone brands, they often give you with money’s worth. As bearing the cost of a new iPhone can be costly, used iPhones can be a great deal.

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Second-Hand iPhone: 7 things to check before buying
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