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Best Semi-Automatic Washing Machines in India Under 15000 [Reviews & Buyer Guide]

Almost everyone is accustomed to the use of washing machines and heard about various types of washing machines such as fully automatic, front-loading, top-loading washing machines.

But, one that is most usual is a semi-automatic washing machine, and in this article, we have delivered all the info required and a basket of best semi-automatic washing machines for you to make the right choice.

What is a Semi-Automatic Washing Machine?

Best Semi-Automatic Washing Machines in India Under 15000 [Reviews & Buyer Guide] 1

Semi-automatic washing machines are one of the most basic types of washing machine in India, as it is also not much expensive.

As the name itself depicts, it is partially automatic, so it does need some manual effort from your side like prior to washing, you need to add water to the tub, and when the clothes are washed, water needs to be drained.

The semi-automatic washing machine provides users a partial entry to a washing machine. This is a mid-point between hand-washing and fully automated washing.

The one benefit of opting for semi-automatic washing machine is that it helps in saving water as it does not need constant water supply for the clothes to be washed. You will be able to use the washing cycle closely to make sure that it does not make use of extra power than required.

Semi-automatic washing machines are in general top-loading. So, there will be two different tubs- washing and drying purposes.

This article will guide you through the functioning of the semi-automatic washing machines available currently in the market along with an all-embracing buying guide and a list of best semi automatics in India.

How Does Semi-Automatic Washing Machine Work?

A semi-automatic washing machine needs human effort and has to monitor the progress as one has to shift the clothes from one tub to another.

The basic principle is the same that the tub comes to motion after adding the water, detergent, and the clothes until the cycle is completed and the clothes are clean. After which they are moved to the drier.

Almost all the semi-automatic washing machines are top-loading. The top-loading machine uses an agitator, which is located at the center of the washbasin, and is built for twitching the clothes.

Some semi-automatic washing machines are provided with a double unit-layer washtub, outer tub to accumulate water, and an inner tub with holes for draining purpose.

Some semi-automatic washing machines own two tubs, one for washing and another basket with holes for spin-drying.

The first and foremost step is to put the detergent, then the clothes and then sufficient water at the needed temperature, and then follow the basic instructions.

After the washing cycle is completed, you have to transfer the clothes to the drier and add clean water for cleansing and restart the washer.

It spins the clothes and drains the water until the clothes are cleaned. The drier provides a centrifugal force that establishes pressure to clutch the clothes to eliminate the excess water from it.

Check out this videos for more info on how to operate & clean a semi automatic washing machine.

Buyer Guide: Things to Note Before Purchasing a Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

What you should probably know while choosing your semi-automatic washing machine. So enlisted are the eight factors you should keep in mind while buying.

Two Tub Washing: Two tub washing offers the effectual cleaning of your clothes. The twin tub is the most common feature of many semi-automatic washing machines. In this, you will find two tubs present next to each other. One is meant for washing and the other is for spin-drying.

This needs you to shift the clothes from one tub to another during the washing process with an added benefit of washing and drying of clothes concurrently.

Spin Speed: Various models from various brands will have diverse spin speeds or RPM. Greater the spin speed, larger the amount of water will be squeezed out of the clothes and less is the drying time. It makes drying your clothes faster for you.

Also, that motion ejects moisture from the clothes that are; faster speed is helpful for those with minimal space. Faster speed will assist you to save time as it is better than other traditional washing machines.

Diverse Functions: The machine must have functions like scrubbing, rinsing, and more. The scrub function gives you the flexibility and comfort to scrub dark stains out of collars and sleeves.

It offers cleaner washing by eliminating heavy stains.

Design: Compact, graceful and user-friendly design should be chosen so that you don’t have to stoop or hunch to load and unload the machine. Looks are the vital features of the machine.

The size of the washing machine should be compact and perfectly designed. Thus making the most of the space free within your home.

User-friendly interface: A machine should display the wash programs present, time life for washing and washing stage for your comfort.

Size: The semi-automatic washing machines are available in numerous sizes. It is vital for you to pick one that fits your specific needs. An easy way to look for the capacity is going by family size.

For instance, a family of 2 can go for a 6KG washing machine. Another deciding factor for purchasing a particular capacity washing machine is your regularity of usage.

For example, a family of 2 washing clothes twice a week would need a larger capacity washing machine. Since the larger capacity machines will manage the high load better in a single wash.

Multiple Wash programs: Semi-automatic machines generally have a built-in wash program to meet your everyday washing needs. For example, a light wash can be done with a style of utmost care with the available features.

Maintenance: Generally the semi-automatic washing machines are inexpensive and easy to maintain. Still, you should opt for a machine with less repair and maintenance costs.

#7 Best Semi Automatic Washing Machine under 15000 in 2021

Here are our best semi-automatic washing machines in India. These are the top-rated & best-sellers on Amazon India right now.

  • Samsung 7.2kg Semi-automatic
  • Whirlpool 9kg Semi-automatic top-loading
  • LG 7.5kg Semi-automatic top loading
  • Haier 9kg Semi-automatic top-loading
  • Whirlpool 7kg Semi-automatic
  • Haier 7.8kg Semi-automatic
  • Onida 6.5kg washer only
best semi-automatic washing machines to buy in India

Samsung 7.2kg Semi-automatic (WT725QPNDMPXTL)

Best Semi-Automatic Washing Machines in India Under 15000 [Reviews & Buyer Guide] 2

The Samsung 7.2kg model is a semi-automatic, top loading provided with a twin-tub washing machine that is available with convenient features that will save your laborious time in doing the laundry.

The machine designed with plastic, which is rust-free that eliminates corrosion for long-lasting life.

This semi-automatic washing machine has a capacity of 7.2 Kg that aids in washing heavy clothes in just one cycle.

This machine is provided with a dual jet system that is smart enough to produce vertical and horizontal currents in the water for superior cleaning of the clothes.

It delivers deep cleansing, which won’t let the clothes degrade.

This is a budget-friendly, comfortable washing machine that comes with a multi-purpose EZ wash tray.

This tray lets you handle heavy clothes that can go through scrubbing, rinsing, and you can also place them momentarily on the appliance. The buzzer goes off when the cleaning process is finished.

The Air Turbo Drying System guarantees quick elimination of water from the clothes.

Key features:

  • Capacity: 7.2 kg
  • RPM: 1000
  • Normal, intensive and delicate features for fabric washing


  • High spin speed
  •  Features diverse washing programs
  • Air Turbo Drying System
  • Wheel support
  • No requirement any installation
  • Buzzer indicator


  • No digital display
  • Soak functionality missing

Verdict: One of the best semi-automatic washing machines under 10000 in India.

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Whirlpool 9kg Semi-automatic top-loading

Best Semi-Automatic Washing Machines in India Under 15000 [Reviews & Buyer Guide] 3

To give incredible outcomes and satisfaction to the customers, Whirlpool comes with advanced and impulsive technology. 

Plus, it has a hard water wash feature that helps for eliminating stains and dirt even though hard water is used.

It has four diverse knobs fabric modes, dirt selector, drain selector, and turbo dry, and each for a specific purpose. Now, you can set the wash type corresponding to your fabric type. 

Added functions like soak, buzzer, auto restart, hard water wash are notable in this machine.

Whirlpool 9kg semi-automatic washing machine comes with a 2-year product warranty and a 5-year motor warranty.

Key features:

  • 9 wash capacity
  • 5 wash programs
  • Removes 10 diverse types of stains
  • 3D scrub, lint filters, and turbo impeller
  • 3D scrub technology offers the removal of stubborn stains or dirt.
  • 3D lint filters have triple layers of filters that provide lint collection 
  • 3D turbo impeller eliminates the dirt
  • 1400 RPM for maximum dry
  • The Control panel is wash proof and shockproof for safety.


  • Sturdy, beautiful, and classy 
  • Compact sizing.
  • Can load a good amount of clothes in one-wash
  •  Best choice for a small-sized family.
  • Supports huge capacity
  • Can remove all STUBBORN stains.


  • The wheels move a little while ROTATING.
  • Thickness

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LG 7.5kg Semi automatic top loading

Best Semi-Automatic Washing Machines in India Under 15000 [Reviews & Buyer Guide] 4

This LG Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine provides high-tech features in order to save huge amount time in your laundry.

The machine is designed with plastic, with 7.5 Kg capacity that can hold a considerable volume of all your fabrics. The top is transparent, which allows you to observe the washing process without opening the lid.

It is provided with a roller jet pulsator that allows you to clean your clothes in just one go.

The washing machine is provided with a three wash program that offers a safe and superior wash for every fabric.

Now you can wash your clothes with the care they require. It has a lint collector that offers a smooth and perfect wash. The awesome feature is the rat away technology, which keeps the rodent away from the clothes.

Key features

  • Dimensions: 80.5  x 97.5  x 47.8 cms
  • Roller jet pulsator
  • The capacity of 7.5 Kg
  • Transparent top
  • Two-year warranty
  • 1400RPM


  • Faster spinning speed
  • Plastic body for durability
  •  lint collector
  • Special Rat away technology
  •  Requires no installation


  • No digital display

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Haier 9kg Semi automatic top-loading

Best Semi-Automatic Washing Machines in India Under 15000 [Reviews & Buyer Guide] 5

Haier Group Corporation has implemented diverse stages of advanced enhancement, brand designing, diversification, and superiority with their wide range of products especially when it comes to washing machines.

The blue and white-colored top-loading semi-automatic washing machine is provided with a top-notch user manual, water inlet house elements, tapping screw, and warranty card.

It can accommodate the load up to 9 kg.

Twin-drum is given for washing and drying or spinning your fabrics. Place, separate wash programs depending upon your fabric type.

Key features

  • Capacity of 9 kg
  • Outer body is designed with a high quality plastic tub material
  • Toughened glass lid
  • Three wash programs based on the type of fabric
  • Anti-rat mesh 
  • Vortex Pulsator and Soft-fall technology
  • 1300 RPM 


  • Value for money
  • The design and build is space-friendly
  • Good quality
  • Best for a small sized family
  •  Can wash a good amount of clothes in one GO, saving time and ENERGY
  • Ideal for all sorts of fabrics


  • No negative points observed so far

Verdict: Our choice as the best semi-automatic washing machine in India under 15000.

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Whirlpool 7kg Semi-automatic

Best Semi-Automatic Washing Machines in India Under 15000 [Reviews & Buyer Guide] 6

Whirlpool Corporation is a leading producer and seller of home appliances especially washing machines. The Whirlpool 7 kg semi-automatic washing machine is available with a top load and has 5-star energy saving.

This machine is specially built to eliminate stubborn stains as it has many diverse sections for a powerful cleaning.

Another great budget semi automatic washing machine under 10000.

Key features

  •  A large tub that holds 66L of water.
  •  Free movement of clothes for the ideal dirt elimination.
  • Multi-utility tray for easy carrying your clothes
  •  Special vent drains extra water back to the washtub.
  • Super soak technology to removes stubborn dirt effortlessly
  •  Inbuilt scrubber for a perfect wash
  • Lint collector collects lint from clothes turning them fresh and clean.
  • 340W motor for a perfect wash.


  • Smart scrub station for scrubbing while standing 
  • Flow back design LETS water and detergent to flow back into the washtub.
  • The panel is waterproof and shockproof.
  • Inbuilt collar scrubber ESPECIALLY for collars.
  • Smart inbuilt memory.


  • Inlet pipe size is small

Haier 7.8kg Semi-automatic

Best Semi-Automatic Washing Machines in India Under 15000 [Reviews & Buyer Guide] 7

Haier Semi-automatic washing machine is a top-loading machine that is ideal for laundry work in compact surroundings.

It has a capacity of 7.8 Kg, which is best for a family of 4 people, which makes it perfect for everyday usage. It has a motor spin of 1300 well-performing good RPM, with five mini pulsators and one agitator.

It accommodates three wash programs, which are the ultimately required for your washing needs. You can choose the level of water that you want.

No longer have to worry about overfilling the machine with your heavy fabrics with the Overload protection technology that will automatically stop washing your clothes.

It is an energy-saving washing machine that will assist in saving much on your electricity bills.

Key features

  • 1350 RPM
  • Plastic, rust-free drum
  • The capacity of  7.8 Kg
  • Two years WARRANTY with five years on the motor
  • The power consumption is 520 Watts
  • Around 23 Kg weight


  • High spin speed with less dry time
  • Requires no installation
  • Easy movable castors
  • Rust-free drum for high durability
  • Buzzer control system


  • NO digital display
  • NO child lock
  • NO Fuzzy logic feature

Onida 6.5kg washer only

Best Semi-Automatic Washing Machines in India Under 15000 [Reviews & Buyer Guide] 8

The Onida washer Lilliput semi-automatic washing machine is a top-loading washing machine of 6.5kg. This powerful semi-automatic machine is totally equipped with helpful features that can assist one to save time and energy.

The Onida washer Lilliput is designed with a well-quality and durable fiber – this eliminates rusting and protects the body from corrosion.

Its glossy and compact design makes it fit conveniently in any part of the home without consuming much space.

With its 6.5 kg capacity, the washing machine is helpful in working with your daily laundry requirements with ease.

Key features

  • Powerful hydraulic pulsator that lets detergent to perforate deep into the fabric
  • An effective motor enhancer to elevate washing performance
  • Easy to move design
  • Anti-rust fiber body
  • 270 W motor for a better flow action
  • A buzzer facility for a timely reminder to let you remind that it is time to take off your clothes after the procedure is over.
  • A transparent top to see the washing procedure and to keep an eye while the clothes are being washed.


  • Requires no installation
  • Easily movable castor
  • High spin speed
  •  Faster dry time
  • Different wash settings for different cloth fabric
  • Ideal for heavy laundry


  • No dryer

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Final words

Finally, it wholly depends on which of the above semi-automatic washing machine best suits you meeting your budget, requirements, positives and negatives.

With loads of work being stuffed in our day-to-day chores, it has become a necessity to own a washing machine at home to mitigate the routine time-consuming works.

We have enlisted the best seven semi-automatic washing machines which can aid you to choose the best one.

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