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Best Small Modular Kitchen Design Ideas

The concept of modular Kitchens has become quite a norm.

People these days prefer modular kitchens over the normal kitchen.

The reason behind this is that a modular kitchen allows you to decide the cost, i.e. it lets the user decide the cost of it.

It can vary a lot as per the requirements, but the basic model comes quite cheap and handy comparatively.

Another important feature of a modular kitchen is that it lets you organize your cooking space by providing separate components.

This article will cover everything you need to know about modular kitchens. Happy reading 🙂

What is a modular kitchen?

What is a modular kitchen?

Modular kitchen is the term used for a modern kitchen that provides cabinets/modules to store various kitchen appliances and utensils.

We designed the kitchen in such a way that it keeps your kitchen organized, functional and durable.

The major motive of these kitchens is to provide ease and delete the challenges faced by the traditional Indian kitchen.

Why do we need a modular kitchen?

A good functional modular kitchen keeps your cooking space organized and makes your cooking experience pleasurable and simple. Some of the reasons we need a modular kitchen these days are:

  • Maximum Utilization of Space: Space has become a major issue these days, especially for those living in metro cities. A modular kitchen allows you to utilize the maximum space and lets you keep your kitchen organized. They are designed in such a manner that they fit into any kind of layout or size. If the cabinets are designed properly, it even gives you more space to store utensils and other cooking appliances.
  • Easy transportation, installation, and assembling: Modular kitchen comes in all shapes and sizes. Most of the components are already built and all you need to do is assemble it and install it at your place. It is less time taking, and you have a wide variety to choose from. It is best for those who keep moving homes frequently. A modular kitchen is the best option for them.
  • Cost Factor: Modular kitchen’s cost can vary a lot. It can be very expensive, and it can be very cheap as well. It all depends upon your requirement. Modular kitchens these days are available in a variety of ranges and all you have to do is pick the design under your budget and as per your requirement. The maintenance cost of a modular kitchen is less in the long run, and it will save a lot of money for you.
  • Remodeling of the kitchen: If you’re someone who likes to remodel your kitchen frequently, then modular kitchens are the best option. One can remodel the modular kitchen quite easily, and they are cost-effective as well. You can easily have a new-look by remodeling your modular kitchen on a budget.
  • Beautiful Appearance: Last but not the least, most of the time of the day is spent in the kitchen if you’re someone who takes care of the food in the family. Modular kitchens provide a modern and chic look to your kitchen and add aesthetic appeal to your home.

Deciding factors to determine the Modular Kitchen for your home:

  • Layout: The first and most important step is to measure your space. There are various layouts available for modular kitchens, and you need to decide which layout will fit the best to the space available to you. Some of the most popular layouts for modular kitchen are:
  • Straight Kitchen: In this kind of modular kitchen, the cabinets are aligned in a single line. Best for those who like to keep things handy while cooking.
  • U-Shaped: Best for those who have lesser space and want to utilize the maximum space available. Because of the U shape, a lot of cabinets can be made and hence more storage area.
  • Parallel: It is similar to U-Shaped. Instead of 3 walls covered with cabinets, here 2 parallel walls are covered with cabinets. The third wall commonly is used for ventilation in the kitchen.
  • The material used for countertop and cabinets: There are multiple choices available for you to customize the built-in countertops. Various materials available for the same are granite, marble, steel, quartz, etc.
  • Storage Requirement: One should opt for the cabinet design as per their storage requirement. Some people have a lot of crockery, and they should opt for the modular kitchen’s design which utilizes the maximum space, like a U-Shaped modular kitchen. There are different kinds of cabinets available to store spoons, plates, glasses, and so on. You can decide the types of cabinets to be installed as per the utensils and other kitchen appliances you own.
  • Color Scheme: You should decide the color scheme while deciding the design of the modular kitchen. This should be decided by the color that will go with the walls of the kitchen. Some like warm colors while the others cool colors whereas the others go for neutral colors. Color schemes should be decided beforehand while making a decision.
  • Electrical Requirements and Plumbing concerns: The cabinets should be installed in such a way that they meet your electrical and plumbing requirements. Slots should be left as per the size of your fridge, microwave(if to be installed), electric kettle(if to be installed), and so on. Similarly, proper plumbing should be done to avoid sink clogs and water leakage issues later on.

Best ideas for small modular kitchen designs

Best ideas for small modular kitchen designs

Space is a big issue these days and one should design the modular kitchen smartly to utilize the maximum space available. Some of the ideas that one can follow for the same are:

  • Opt for small cabinets: Small cabinets can be fixed anywhere and this will keep you to have the maximum storage. Small cabinets can be fixed anywhere like towards the ceiling or above the window.
  • Open Shelves: Open shelves are a good option to increase the storage space and to keep them handy items like tea, sugar, coffee which can be easily accessible and keep your kitchen organized while cooking.
  • Pot Racks: This is for those who have a lot of pans, pots, and vessels which take up a lot of space. These pot racks look quite beautiful and make your kitchen quite functional.
  • Opt for light colors: Light-colored cabinets give you an illusion of more space. It makes your kitchen look larger.
  • Mirrored Kitchen: Mirrors again give you an illusion that makes your kitchen look bigger since the mirrors reflect light which makes the room look bigger.

Best ideas for modular kitchen on a budget:

The best part about modular kitchens is that they are very budget-friendly.

You can design a modular kitchen by using cheaper and easily available alternatives, and you will not have to compromise with the appearance of the kitchen as well.

Here are some ideas for building a modular kitchen on a budget.

  • Size and Usage of the modular kitchen should be kept well in advance: One should decide the layout of their kitchen well in advance as per their usage. For example, those who frequently use the kitchen as a chef will require a medium-sized kitchen with proper cabinets to store the utensils and other kitchen appliances, whereas those who travel frequently will require lesser cabinets to store the kitchen utensils and other appliances.
  • The material used for the cabinets: There are plenty of options available for the materials of the cabinets. Deciding on the material to be used in the cabinets plays a very important role in the overall cost of the construction. If you’re planning to make a kitchen on a budget, then you can go for materials like laminates and MDF.
  • Accessories used in the Kitchen: The selection of accessories plays an important role in determining the space utilization of the kitchen. For example, if you’re someone who has a lot of crockery then only you should install a lot of plate holders inside the cabinets, else one cabinet with a plate holder is sufficient. Similarly, if the kitchen is for a joint family then you require two bin holders, otherwise one is sufficient.
  • Determining the material of the countertop: Countertop makes the first impression of the kitchen, and so choosing a countertop on a tight budget is a tough choice. There are various materials available for the countertops like quartz, ceramic tiles, wood, limestone, slate, etc. For a person on a tight budget, one can opt for wood, limestone, or slate as the material for the countertop.
  • Choose built-in appliances as per your usage: These days there are built-in cabinets for everything like dishwashers, ovens, fridges and so on. You can decide on the built-in cabinets to install as per your requirement. For example, if you know that you’ll purchase a new fridge soon, then installing a built-in cabinet for the fridge is of no use. Similarly, most dishwashers are not successful in India, so one can skip the same.

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How much does a small modular kitchen cost?

How much does a small modular kitchen cost?

The size of the kitchen does play an important role in determining the cost of the modular kitchen.

Apart from the size, the cost of the modular kitchen depends on various other factors like the types of modules installed, size and depth of the modules, raw materials used, the quality of shutters and handles, etc.

The carpenters charge the cost of the kitchen per sq ft, and then the add-on cost will be dependent on the other factors listed above.

So it depends upon these factors including the size of the kitchen that will determine its cost.



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