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In India, the price of the Soundcore R500 earbuds at Rs. 1399 is fixed.

Soundcore R500 earphones in the neckband form were introduced in India. With quick charge compatibility via USB Type-C connection, earbuds may deliver a single charge of 20 hours of playback time.

With a 10 mm driver that can provide an immersive HD sound, Soundcore offers a budget friendly option.

Soundcore R500 comes with Android and iOS compatibility, Bluetooth v5. They have AI powered microphones, which can improve call quality.

They are also available. The water resistance is IPX5-rated.

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Specification of Soundcore R500 earphone neckband style

Soundcore R500 earbuds price in India

Soundcore R500 has 10 mm drivers, as advertised. A deep, strong and balanced bass, Soundcore R500 provides.

Offering 10 meters range, the neckband style earphones are connected by Bluetooth v5 to Android and iOS smartphones.

Soundcore R500 earbuds in neckband form feature a 195mAh battery and boast a total 20-hour playback time at a single charge.

A charge of ten minutes allows them to play for three hours, and the earbuds may be charged fully in 1.5 hours. The inline-remote has two buttons.

Price of Soundcore R500 in India.

Soundcore R500 is at Rs 1.399 prices. The soundcore neckband earbuds may be purchased through Flipkart.

The earbuds are available in four colors – black, blue, red and yellow. However, at the time of writing, the e-commerce giant does not list the option Yellow color.

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They are also guaranteed for 18 months.

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