Top SPY Gadgets in India

Top SPY Gadgets in India

Whenever we used to watch super detective movies like James Bond, Mission Impossible and read books by Agatha Christie, Sherlock Holmes etc. We always wanted to be a spy and to own some really cool spy gadgets. We Geeky Gadgets have searched the web and selected some of the best and cheapest spy gadgets online India. This […]

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Micro Spy Kit XS1

Your child’s secret agent mission was never this exciting. Enjoy the new range of spy gadgets for kids with the Micro Spy Kit XS1. This gadget is going to give your kid a sensational. Now your child can have what he needs to become a certified spy. This spy toy for kids is equipped with […]

Ultra Range Walkie Talkie, Ultra Range Walkie Talkies, cool spy gear, buy Ultra Range Walkie Talkie online india

Ultra Range Walkie Talkies Spy Gear

Ultra Range Walkie Talkies deliver clear communication up to 2 miles (3.2km) away! Hold down the talk button to communicate with your team and release while waiting for a reply. The ultra high-tech design of these futuristic walkie talkies delivers an authentic spy experience. Discover unbelievable communication range when you gear up with the Ultra […]

HD Bat Pen Spy Camera, Hd Spy Bat Pen Camera Audio Video Recording, spy gears

HD Bat Pen Spy Camera by Perfecto

Perfecto Hd Spy Bat Pen Camera Audio Video Recording: Ever wanted to own a kickass cool spy gadget? Then there is a good news for you “HD Bat Pen Spy Camera” by Perfecto is an awesome pen spy camera with video and audio recording at a high quality. Check out its specs. Highlights of HD […]

Birdhouse Spy Camera with DVR, hidden spy camera, spy camera, birdhouse, bird house

Birdhouse Spy Camera with DVR

Birdhouse Spy Camera Gives You A Bird’s Eye View Of The Truth. One of the best spy tech and cool spy gadget you will find in the market. The design is simple and clean look. People will notice it as a simple birdhouse. Birdhouses are in everyone’s backyard. Pretty birds are something that almost anyone […]

Uber Mini Spy Camera, spy camera, hidden spy camera, spy hidden camera

Uber Mini Spy Camera

Ever wished to use or own a kickass spy hidden camera, if so then it is your chance to have one buy this awesome spy camera ” Uber Mini Spy Camera”. It has ultra modern design, amazing looks and what not? With the Uber Mini Spy Camera, you can: – Record lectures or business meetings […]