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Now store Covid Vaccination Card on Samsung Pay

“Samsung Pay simplifies transactions for millions of mobile device users. As more and more consumers use their Samsung devices as a digital wallet, it is a natural extension to make Covid-19 vaccination records more easily accessible,” said Rob White, Senior Director of Product for Samsung Pay, Samsung Electronics America.

“We are proud to partner with ‘The Commons Project Foundation’ on this important initiative and to help make life easier,” he added.

Samsung Pay users may now keep their Covid-19 immunization card digital copies, the smartphone firm stated.

The new feature for customers in the US to be developed in the coming two weeks is partnered with the non-profit public confidence in health care – the Commons Project, stated the business this week.

Users will be able to download and keep in Samsung Pay securely a verified digital version of their Covid-19 vaccination record on supported Samsung Galaxy handsets, received from major Pharmacies, providers or medical systems.

Now store Covid Vaccination Card on Samsung Pay 1

The Covid-19 vaccination credential may also be shared with any trusted person, for example school and workplaces, when travelling or health providers securely as a QR code after the CommonHealth app is downloaded on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

Samsung Pay is an online on-the-board and mobile payment service that may be used with compatible Samsung Galaxy devices for contactless payments in person.

In June, Google opened the built-in Android pass system, which allows Android users to store their phones with a digital vaccination card.

First accessible in the United States, it will be funded by medical suppliers or those authorized to deliver Covid vaccinations.

And some countries like New York and California have launched digital vaccination cards of their own, Verge said.

“As a leading mobile device manufacturer and digital wallet, Samsung offers a secure and easily accessible place for consumers to store this vital health information. The Commons Project is committed to the continued expansion of our network of partners, empowering users with their own health data to use in enhanced and secure ways,” said JP Pollak, Co-Founder and Chief Architect of The Commons Project.

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