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Teachers who use Zoom on their desktops have access to the Focus Mode

To help students stay focused during virtual sessions and not be distracted by others, Zoom has launched a new tool called Focus Mode.

So that students won’t be able to see what their classmates are doing in class, teachers can conceal videos and screen shares.

Teachers will still be able to see all the students’ screen shares. With Zoom, meeting hosts can control when participants should be visible to others during meetings by using Zoom’s Focus mode.

For virtual classes, this implies that professors will also be able to switch off Focus Mode mid-class to allow students to concentrate.

The students in a Zoom virtual class won’t be able to view their classmates if Focus Mode is active.

There’s no need to worry, though, because pupils will still be able to see their own videos as well as the names and emoji replies of their classmates. When unmuted, they will also be able to hear other students.

Teachers hosting virtual classrooms would like the Focus Mode option that Zoom has introduced.

As an alternative, it can also be utilized for virtual corporate meetings. For example, you can use Focus Mode at your next office meeting to draw attention to what you’re showing.

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What we get from webinars is a similar sensation. Zoom can also be used to host a webinar.

Teachers who use Zoom on their desktops have access to the Focus Mode 1
Teacher taking online classing using Zoom

Focus Mode, on the other hand, makes it easy for hosts to determine when to hide participants from others and when to make them visible to everyone.

Immersive View, which was introduced by Zoom in April, allows users to engage with each other in a virtual environment.

Zoom desktop client version 5.7.3 on a Windows or Mac PC is required to enable Focus Mode. Because of this, you can’t turn on the functionality when holding a meeting on your mobile device.

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As a result of Focus Mode on previous Zoom versions, attendees will not be able to see other participants in the meeting, if they are not visible to their hosts.

All users in an account, a group, or a specific selection of users can have Focus Mode enabled. First, it must be activated through Zoom’s web interface.

Clicking the More button on the meeting toolbar will bring you to it once it’s switched on.

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