HOW TO BUY THE BEST VLOGGING CAMERA, best vlogging camera india for youtube

How to Buy the Best Vlogging Camera?

Security is becoming an important factor for everybody, be it is school, commercial complex or a residence. No matter where you want to install a video camera, you need to take into consideration the various kinds of video surveillance systems that are available and see something that is going to benefit you. You need something […]

Best vr headsets in India to buy in 2018, virtual reality

Best VR Headsets in India to buy in 2018

Virtual reality is the most popular system in the current world of entertainment. Virtual reality, also known called as “VR” gives a person to interact with an artificial world. This device gives the user a computer generated 3D environment. Virtual reality is now popular in the areas of education, industry, travel, film, and games. By […]

gopro hero 5 black price in india, GoPro Hero5 Black Action Camera India

10 Best Action Camera to Buy in India 2018

There is lot of fuzz about Action Camera in India, these have replaced DSLR  camera as the new adventure camera recently. A typical action camera is very small in size, comes with waterproof casing and can take very powerful pictures and videos. Adventure loving people likes to capture all their memories with a camera whether […]

7 Activity Trackers You Should Buy in India 2018

7 Activity Trackers You Should Buy in India 2018

Today I’m sharing the list of 7 Activity Trackers You Should Buy in India 2018. I have curated these wearable gadgets from Amazon India, based on user reviews and rating. All the listed ones are the best fitness trackers available online India. These Activity/Fitness gadgets can perform all the tasks that one fitness tracker should do from […]

Top 10 Gadgets to Buy From Amazon India 2018

Top 10 Gadgets to Buy From Amazon India 2018

Everybody loves gadgets let it be a novelty, cool or cheap. Gadgets and Gizmodo are not for only geeks or techies it is for everyone who loves technology. Geeky Gadgets – best gadget shopping website in India has always provided it’s readers with the best and the cool gadgets that anyone will find online in India. […]

Grenade USB Pen Drive 8GB, cool usg gadgets

Grenade USB Pen Drive 8GB

This Grenade USB Pen Drive is one of the most unique flash drives that you will find anywhere. It’s cool, cute, and also dangerous :p. You can easily carry this grenade USB pen drive in your pockets but don’t blow up your friends :p. This USB Pen drive comes with 8 GB of storage with […]

Magnetic Levitation Floating Globe

Magnetic Levitation Floating Globe

Magnetic Levitation Floating Globe With Multicolored LED Lights This Floating Globe is an awesome cool electronic gadget online in India that people of all ages will buy and enjoy. This high tech gadget sports Multicolored LED lights that make it look cool when turned on in the dark. It’s functioning is supported by an electronically […]