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Your Comprehensive Television Buying Guide India

Buying a television could confuse you because there are so many things that you have to consider and there is hell a lot of variety available out there in the market.

You ought to invest a pretty good proportion of your budget in buying a television, that makes it all the more important to give serious consideration to this decision.

Furthermore, investment in electronics should not be done haphazardly because:

A. They are costly.

B. They tend to get outdated with the advent of new technology.

C.  The repair and maintenance costs are high.

Need we say more?

We have compiled a handy television buying guide listing different factors that one should consider while buying a television. This will help you make a prudent decision and get the right television for your place.

So, there you go:

1. DISPLAY TYPE: the first & foremost factor

Television Buying Guide India
Your Comprehensive Television Buying Guide India

The three types of display available are:




All three types of display have got their own features, pros and cons; which are discussed as below:

LEDs: Light-emitting diode

LED TVs are the most popular these days because of their satisfactory performance. They are further available in two variants: Backlit LEDs and edge lit LEDs.

LED display technology makes use of LEDs for illuminating the screen. The backlit and edge lit LEDs differ on account of the placement of LEDs behind the screen.

Backlit are considered better than edge lit and these days most of the televisions use backlit LEDs only. You can easily get a LED TV (50 inches) within a range of 30k to 50k depending on the brand and other features available.

QLEDs: Quantum dot Light Emitting Diode

QLEDs make use of superior technology as compared to the LEDs. They use quantum dots which result in better picture quality and high levels of brightness.

Accordingly, they cost more than compared to the LEDs. You can grab a QLED TV (50 inches) at a price above 80k.

OLEDs: Organic Light Emitting Diode

OLED are the thinnest of the three television screens. You will experience ultimate premium quality on this screen. You will witness the difference if you buy this model.

Although they are much expensive, a good OLED will start at 2 lakhs.


More the Screen Resolution, more will be the picture clarity. So, you must try to get a television with a good screen resolution. Go through the following points for better quality on this aspect:

· The different variants available are: HD Ready (720p), Full HD (1080p), 4K or Ultra HD (2160p).

· It is the number of pixels that determine how clear and sharp would be your picture quality.

· While HD Ready has 1 million pixels, Full HD has 2 million pixels that implies twice the quality and Ultra HD has 8 million pixels which means superb quality.

· If you have an eye for details, you can surely experience the difference between the picture quality of HD Ready and Full HD. But for Ultra HD, anybody can easily spot the difference.

· If you have a tight budget, then buying HD Ready is the safest option, but if you are ready to spend around 20k plus for a 32-inch TV, then you can anytime choose Full HD which is also compatible with streaming apps like Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar and Amazon Prime Video.

· 4k is definitely more expensive of them all and is a perfect companion for Xbox, Ultra HD Blu-ray Players and the like.

· We do not recommend that you invest in 8k. There is not much content available for viewing on the 8k platform, plus it is way too expensive. So, it would be a waste of money as of now!


Screen size is an important factor that you have to consider while buying a television for your place. The TV cabinet of your living room, your budget, the place for which you need TV, and some other specific needs become the decisive factors for you to select the screen size which is best for you.

If you do not buy the adequate size, then it could be the worst nightmare for you. You have to choose the perfect size for your place if you want to have the perfect experience. The viewing distance and the screen resolution become 2 important factors in deciding the apt screen size.

For example, if the viewing distance between your television and the seating place is about 6 feet, then a 24’’ or 32’’ TV would be okay. And if you have a 4k Television, then do not go below 55”, otherwise you will not enjoy your viewing experience.

A normal household prefers a 32” TV for their bedrooms, while 42’’ or more for their living room. But again, it is an absolutely subjective decision.

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Go with the easy formula, more the refresh rate of your TV, smoother will be the images and lesser would be the blurring.

In very simple language, refresh rate can be defined as how many times an image would change on the screen per second and it is measured in hertz.

The videos which show action or other fast-moving stuff or games and stuff will work better on a screen with a higher refresh rate. You can go for a standard refresh rate up to 60 hertz and that would be fine.


Although these are two different aspects, we have clubbed them together because both of these points relate to the picture quality, profound details and colors on the screen.

Higher the contrast ratio, the more the picture will be detailed and sharper, that appears on the screen. And as for the HDR, this technology produces more bright colors, better contrasts and picture quality on the screen.

The HDR content provided by the online streaming apps, gaming apps go well with the HDR TV sets.


Well, it would be prudent practice to check beforehand if your television set has got all the necessary ports equipped. Here’s a quick checklist for you before we go ahead:

· HDMI Port: More the merrier! HDMI connectivity is very important these days because it makes it very easy to connect your TV to a number of devices; be it a Set-top box, laptop, fire stick or your gaming console. You can easily get a TV with a 4 HDMI ports on Amazon India.

· USB Port: With a USB port, you can connect your pen drive or an internet dongle to your smart TV. A USB port is a must for every TV these days, for you can easily watch your videos, images, or listen to your favorite music lying there in your laptop and enjoy the experience on a big screen.

· VGA Port: VGA ports are usually found in the old TV sets, and they are not required these days, anyway, if your TV has an HDMI Port.

· RCA Port: RCA Ports are necessary for connecting the Set-top boxes to your television and usually every TV has them.

· LAN Port: LAN Port is not really required if you have a Wi-Fi connection. But this definitely provides faster speed of the internet. It is not a mandatory requirement to have a LAN port on your device.

· Bluetooth: Modern TVs these days have Bluetooth technology which enables them to connect to various devices wirelessly.


Perhaps, no compromises here.

This is one of the most basic and important factors among all to decide which TV to select. The louder the sound, better would be your experience.

The output of the sound is measured in watts. Good sound quality is a must. The sound quality of a television can be judged by the speakers that are used in the TV set.

These days most televisions use Dolby Digital speakers or DTS premium speakers. But if you want a great cinematic experience, we recommend going for a soundbar, home theater or good quality external speakers.

These external devices enhance the sound quality manifolds.


Smart Television Buying Guide India 01
Your Comprehensive Television Buying Guide India

In the era of the internet, smart technology, the lifestyles of the people have changed considerably. Smart TVs are the product of modern technology.

You can easily access the apps like YouTube, Netflix, Prime Video and the other apps and you can enjoy quality content on your smart television.

The built- in Wi-Fi access, operating system, phone casting and other features make it all the more popular among masses these days.

A quick checklist of the things that you need to keep in mind while buying a smart TV is given below:

Sr. No.ParticularsOptions AvailableMost Preferred
1.Operating SystemAndroid based Smart TVGoogle certified Android TVFire TV OSTVs with their own OSGoogle certified Android TV 
4.Other featuresPhone mirroring, voice controlled remote, Air mouse, control via smartphone.


You can get a great range of televisions at Amazon.in from different brands like Samsung, Panasonic, LG, Sony, MI, etc. with different options. Select the one which suits your requirements best with the help of this comprehensive television buying guide.

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