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15 Best SPY Gadgets in India for Wannabe Detectives

Whenever we used to watch super detective movies like James Bond, Mission Impossible, and read books by Agatha Christie, Sherlock Holmes, etc. We always wanted to be a detective and to have some of the really cool spy gadgets.

We Geeky Gadgets have searched the web and selected some of the best and awesome spy gadgets that you can buy online in India in 2022.

The ultimate list of Best SPY Gadgets in India for Adults & Kids

Best high tech spy gadgets in India
Long-range Walkie TalkiesWalkie TalkiesCommunication
Spy Table Clock CameraTable ClockSpy Camera
Wireless Panoramic Bulb 360°IP CameraHidden Camera
USB Adapter Hidden CameraAdapterHidden Camera
Spy Snake CamGearSurveillance Type
Spy Gear Mission Alpha SetKitVarious
RV Spy Glasses Mirror VisionSpectacleBack view
Hidden USB Digital Voice Audio Recorder MicUSBVoice recorder
Spy Science Secret MessageGameCommunication
Polarized HD Lightweight BinocularBinocularView
Spy Pen CameraPenHidden Camera
Hidden Camera Spy Key ringKey ringSpy Camera
Spy Button CameraButtonHidden Camera
Spy USB Hidden CameraUSB deviceSpy Camera
Spy Key Chain Voice RecorderKey chainVoice recorder

This includes all the latest spy gadgets like real spy tools, hidden cameras, spycam, secret cam, pen camera, glasses, detective toolkit, cell phone spying, and much more.

Long-range Walkie Talkies

15 Best SPY Gadgets in India for Wannabe Detectives 1

In childhood, we have always dreamt of having cool spy gadgets and walkie-talkies are one of them.

Don’t just speak, follow your dream, upgrade your inner detective buy this all-new long-range Walkie talkie with an earpiece.

Not only kids but also adults can also use this walkie-talkie for various purposes like event management, security firms, etc.

This walkie-talkie has a very high-frequency band range of 400-520 MHz.

Other notable features include an emergency alarm and a built-in high illumination flashlight.

Also, as reported by some of the buyers, this device has an effective range of about 1km and the battery almost lasts about a day on moderate usage.

Spy Table Clock Camera

Spy Table Clock Camera , secret camera online india

This wireless spy gadget is a beautiful table clock that is integrated with a high-definition camera fit inside the dial.

This high-tech spy gadget can record videos with audio, capture photos, and also just voice recording. These unique features make this device one of the sought-after top spy gadgets in India.

You can place this on the dinner table, study table, or on the coffee table to secretly keep eye on other family members or on intruders.

But its use doesn’t stop here, you can use it as a nanny camera or if you’re a working professional and have a baby then use it as a baby monitoring camera.

Wireless Panoramic Bulb 360° IP Camera

This is a fisheye vision hidden IP camera primality used for surveillance. This hidden IP bulb camera can also be used as a device to spy on others.

The appearance is just like other normal bulbs, which have some distinctive features that people will not notice until and unless they look very closely.

15 Best SPY Gadgets in India for Wannabe Detectives 2

This LED Bulb fisheye camera has an inbuilt hidden 360 panoramic camera (hidden secret camera), which has a 360 degrees wide viewing angle and it has no blind spot for live video recording/monitoring.

It sports a motion detection alarm and IR night vision, this hidden spy camera is widely used at home, shops, offices, and other places.

Apart from these things it also has a two-way communication feature which enables you to talk to people using this spy gadget. It supports memory cards up to 128GB that can store video recording for up to 40 days.

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USB Adapter Hidden Camera

15 Best SPY Gadgets in India for Wannabe Detectives 3

A clever wireless hidden spy camera in the form of a smartphone charger. No one will ever suspect that the adapter itself is a spy gadget.

You can take it at any location and plug it into a power source and it will start recording videos for you without anyone noticing it.

To be more discrete, you can actually charge any mobile device using it, so it reduces the chance of people getting suspicious about this spy hidden camera.

It can record videos in 1080p HD quality i.e. 1920*1080p resolution. Not only this it has a 70-degree wide view angle to cover a large area.

Apart from these features, the ones I liked are its video recording modes and auto-deletion.

This hidden camera can record videos in two modes, the first is in the loop and the second one is motion detection.

Whenever it notices any motion detection it starts recording video, just saving a lot of storage. And talking about storage it supports up to 64 GB memory card, and its auto-delete the previous mode makes sure you always have space for recording.

Spy Snake Cam

15 Best SPY Gadgets in India for Wannabe Detectives 4

This Spy snake camera is one of the best spy gadgets that you can buy for kids and also professionals can also use it.

It is very easy to use, small in size making it easy to carry out and the camera has high definition video quality.

This spy gadget will help you to see around corners, peek inside from holes, under doors among others.

It is very easy to use a handheld spy gadget, all you have to do is place the camera, then press the activation button and bingo the camera feeds the live footage on the LCD screen of the device. Just very effective and sophisticated spy gear that even professionals would love to have.

Spy Gear Mission Alpha Set

15 Best SPY Gadgets in India for Wannabe Detectives 5

This spy gadget set is ought to make others jealous. The spy gear kit consists of Night Goggles, Tactical Mirror, Spy Recording Pen, and a Motion Alarm.

Your child will love this as it has a collection of one of the exciting spy gadgets & gears that are typically seen in spy movies & dramas.

Especially night vision googles, motion alarms, and spy pen recorders, these very commonly used spy gadgets in spy moves.

The night vision goggles have LED light and zoom features to play spy games and complete missions in the dark with friends.

This spy kit for kids is slightly on the expensive side, but the quality of products that you’re getting justifies the price tag.

RV Spy Glasses Mirror Vision

15 Best SPY Gadgets in India for Wannabe Detectives 6

Spy Glasses with mirror vision this one actually a very interesting piece of spy gadget that both kids & adults can buy for spying and prank.

The mirror vision enables you to see things behind you while you’re walking or standing. No one will notice that you can actually see that happening behind you.

This is an awesome spy gadget for adults, you can certainly do creative pranks on your folks and on other persons.

For kids is an absolute gem of a gadget if they’re in to spy things, they can be playing with it.

The price of this spy mirror vision glass is only 1216 INR, very much affordable for most of the people.

Hidden USB Digital Voice Audio Recorder Mic Device

15 Best SPY Gadgets in India for Wannabe Detectives 7

This is one of the best spying devices in India for journalists and others. This spy-hidden USB digital voice recorder mic is a masterpiece when it comes to being discreet and out of sight.

This exactly looks & functions just like an ordinary USB pen drive but also can record audio effectively.

One of the great features of this hidden audio recording device is that it operates independently of electricity.

It has a built-in rechargeable 110mAh lithium battery that provides the device with a massive battery backup. It can record audio for up to 36 hours continuously.

Other notable features of this spy equipment are that the USB has no LED lights as an indicator, so less chance of getting caught, you can plug it in laptops or computers will function normally and it has switches to start or stop audio voice recording.

Spy Science Secret Message

15 Best SPY Gadgets in India for Wannabe Detectives 8

Another interesting spy game for kids that will keep them entertained for hours. This secret message game comes with papers to make the inner pages of the magazine and another card set for creating the magazine cover.

Kids can write secret messages, create clues, and let others decode the messages following the clues like spies in movies do.

Create X-ray messages and invisible messages, x-ray messages can only be read with special decoder glasses and the invisible messages can be written with a secret marker.

15 Best SPY Gadgets in India for Wannabe Detectives 9

You’ll get every accessory with this spy gear kit for doing all this spy stuff.

  • Red filter lenses
  • Plastic binder
  • Morse code torch
  • Invisible message writer
  • Invisible message developer
  • Message capsules

Along with this stuff you’ll be getting a 20 pages spy journal too which contains a reference to all secret codes.

Polarized HD Lightweight Pocket Size Binocular

15 Best SPY Gadgets in India for Wannabe Detectives 10

Binocular is one of the must-have spy gear. Binocular is very useful in terms of keep eye on someone from a distant place.

You’ll find binocular used in many films to do surveillance on people and certain high profile secretive place.

This particular device has a very powerful zoom quality of up to 30x magnification that helps you to see objects clear as far as 2 km away.

That’s not all there is multi-layer anti-reflection & optical film for effective eye protection and fine adjustment feature for right eyesight.

The foldable design helps it to pack & carry wherever you go. You can also use this binocular for bird watching too.

Spy Pen Camera

15 Best SPY Gadgets in India for Wannabe Detectives 11

One of the most sophisticated professional spy equipment that you buy for spying. Spy pen camera is one of the most popular types of spy devices that you’ll see available on all the major eCommerce websites in India.

Using this hidden pen camera one can easily record videos and also do only sound recording too. The video output is VGA.

The camera is designed in such a way that people do not easily recognize that something is wrong with it.

It stores videos on a micro SD card, it doesn’t require any wifi or electricity, it’s battery operated.

You can transfer the video recording to any laptop or computer if you want to. It has its own USB cable & USB 2.0 ports to easily transfer videos recorded in the device.

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Hidden Camera Spy Keyring

15 Best SPY Gadgets in India for Wannabe Detectives 12

This item is one of the latest spy gadgets that you can buy in India right. I found this on Flipkart. It is a hidden spy keyring camera for recording videos as well as audio secretly.

If you want to secretly record sometime with a device that no one will suspect then this one sure deserves a try.

You can place this hidden keyring camera on the table, bed, etc, while talking with some, just press the switch on the device to activate the recording.

It’ll record videos in 480p resolution at 30 FPS which is more than enough clarity. This mini spying device doesn’t come with any internal memory, you’ll need to install a micro SD memory card up to 32GB in it to store videos.

The battery capacity is about 280 mAh that will help you to record video up to 60-90 minutes long. Good investigative gadgets for journalists.

Spy Button Camera

15 Best SPY Gadgets in India for Wannabe Detectives 13

Another awesome spy gadget for men. I bet you might have seen this Spy button camera in many action movies.

This one is also one of my personal favorite gadgets. Kids too can play with this device.

You’re getting a 5-megapixel camera in this button camera which will record videos at 720p resolution at 30 fps, which is great!

The design is ergonomic and it will fit properly inside your shirt and the button will pop out which has the camera.

Go to meetings, undercover missions, etc, and record the entire conversation as you please, without anyone noticing what you’re actually doing there.

Another notable feature about this button camera is that you’re getting a night vision feature in it. Record videos in dim light with absolute ease. Then there is remote monitoring also via WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.

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Spy USB Hidden Camera with Motion Detection

15 Best SPY Gadgets in India for Wannabe Detectives 14

Above I’ve mentioned a USB device that helps you to do voice recording secretly, no this is also a USB spy gadget that helps you to record videos.

A  hidden USB camera device that has a motion detection feature, whenever the camera detects any motion it’ll automatically start recording videos for you.

This particular device has a 2-megapixel camera and can record videos at 720p resolution at 30 FPS. It has a memory card storage that supports up to 32GB.

It operates entirely on a battery that is powered by Li-Po technology, you’ll get the battery back up of 120 minutes on an average charging time of about 1 hour. The battery capacity is 300mah.

Spy Key Chain Voice Recorder

15 Best SPY Gadgets in India for Wannabe Detectives 15

This is a new addition to the various type of spy gadgets and devices that you see in stores. The sleek and small design impressed me very much.

It is so well-designed that nobody will ever doubt it as a spy device.

Mind it this device only records voice, it sounds not have any camera.

The manufacturer has done a commendable job of providing the highest quality bit rate sound recording technology i.e. 192bits.

The sound recording will be crystal clear and crisp. It has an internal memory of 32 GB that is enough for 700 hours of HD voice recording.

Other features:

Noise reduction: One of the problems people face while recording audio is the surrounding noise that interrupts. But this one has a noise reduction feature to let you record voice with minimum noise interference.

Smart recording: Ahh, indeed a very smart and helpful feature, this device will be recording whenever it detects sound or voice, if there is complete silence then it will automatically stop recording vice versa. Thus saving valuable space and battery.

Ease of use: You don’t need to connect the keychain voice recorder to a computer or laptop to hear the recording, just use a headphone.

Author’s take

I have tried my level best to bring you the latest spy gadgets in India for men & kids. You can buy any one of these devices to fulfill your dream of becoming a professional spy.

Also, people who are into investigational journalism can also opt for these types of spy equipment for recording secret meetings.

P.S. Do not use these gadgets for exploiting other people’s privacy without any valid reason or else you could face legal trouble. So use them wisely!

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