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After concerns of eye strain, Twitter is altering the contrast of buttons once again

“We’re making contrast changes on all buttons to make them easier on the eyes because you told us the new look is uncomfortable for people with sensory sensitivities. We’re listening and iterating.”

As a result of feedback from earlier this week’s design changes, Twitter is altering the contrast on its buttons.

Due to the stronger visual contrast in the colors of buttons & links, as well as Chirp’s new font, some users have reported eye strain, headaches, and migraines.

People who are used to it being the other way around have been confused by the new follow button, which is black if you’re not following someone. No one knows if the change will be overturned yet.

As is common when a popular site changes its look, Twitter’s redesign was met with mixed reactions. Over time, it’s likely that some Twitter users have become accustomed to the change.

Twitter is altering the contrast on its buttons
Twitter is altering the contrast on its buttons

Although the new design has been criticized by some, it has highlighted a frequent problem in online accessibility: a lack of options for users.

An accessibility feature that makes a site more accessible for one person may make it more difficult to use for another.

However, persons who are sensitive to bright colors or light may find it painful to look at high contrast images because of their limited vision or color blindness.

As far as Twitter’s interface is concerned, there is no single choice that is the most accessible. When consumers are given the freedom to choose the alternatives that work best for them, they are more accessible.

Users can adjust settings such as greater color contrast and reduced motion in Twitter’s accessibility menu. Users can also choose between bright and dark themes and font size.

Rather than needing to wait for Twitter to make universal modifications, users might have more detailed options and select the level of contrast that fits them. In the meanwhile, Twitter’s @TwitterA11y account is requesting feedback.

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