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Twitter has all new features on iOS, and for now, only a few are coming to Android.

During the next few weeks, Twitter announced various adjustments to the Direct Message (DM). The microblogging site announced the update via its official account, and now announces that a tweet or message is available to users for 20 unique discussions.

A rapid scroll button, new action on ‘Add reaction,’ and message grouping are among some other updates and improvements. All these capabilities have begun to trickle out on iOS, and some will soon reach Android users.

To date, to share a direct message to several Twitter users, the only way to do so was to set up a group and send a message in the group that would allow everyone else to see the answers.

Twitter users can now select up to 20 separate contacts and send the same DM as each chat. This feature is being implemented in iOS and Web soon with Android support. The development was relayed by Twitter via a number of tweets.

Twitter has all new features on iOS, and for now, only a few are coming to Android. 1

More enhancements are made for DMs, and both Android and iOS users will begin to recognize the quick scroll-button, so that you can easily scroll through your messages to the latest message.

Twitter has added a long press action to add an “Add Reaction” option menu alongside the double-tapper to react gestures.

You can browse through the various reactions for this specific message by generating a reaction recorder. For the present, this feature is only running on iOS.

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Finally, Twitter also highlighted that timestamps can be reduced by organizing messages by date, so that a conversation is easier to navigate. This feature is currently only rolled out to iOS.

Not all iOS and Android users will immediately see these improvements, because they have only just begun to implement them. In the next two weeks, they will begin emerging.

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