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Using a two-finger double-tap gesture, users will be able to skip chapters in YouTube videos

In recent times, YouTube introduced a new motion to wipe video content as conveniently as before in order to improve engagement.

With the recent implementation of a two-finger double-tap input, the platform is introducing an addition to the previous scrub option.

For those who are unfamiliar with the concept of chapters, these are actually separate segments in the video content that allow the audience to view its name and some further details provided by the makers of the video content in question.

This functionality is only available if the video detail contains these sections.

For example, if a user wants to continue watching, they can press twice on the right side of the video screen.

Tap the left-hand side of the screen twice to travel backwards. However, if you’re watching films in vertical mode, you’ll need a little more precision to get the most out of this new feature.

A woman watching youtube video on smartphone
A woman watching YouTube video on smartphone

With the new functionality, viewers will be able to skip chapters when watching videos. Changing chapters would require a double-tap with two fingers.

Notably, this functionality will only operate if the video’s description has chapters that have been set by the content producer Slide-to-seek was apparently added to YouTube earlier this week, allowing users to navigate between videos considerably more easily than before.

As soon as the video player is double-tapped, it jumps to chapter two. Double-tapping the left side of the video player to go back a chapter would be required.

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Video publishers must have defined chapters in video descriptions in order for this to work.

In a similar vein, the new slide to seek gesture might be part of a server-wide upgrade, or it could be rolled out account-by-account to users.

A Redditor (@u/FragmentedChicken) found the new slide-to-seek gesture.

A user would first tap and hold anywhere on the video screen, then slide left or right using the same finger to rewind or skip, respectively.

It is possible to skip a specific segment of a video by using YouTube’s skip feature.

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