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Urbangabru Hair Removal Spray Cream Review. How effective is it?

If you’re one of those thousands of men who do not like hair growing in places you don’t want to.

If you want to get rid of body hair in the most painless way, then I have you covered.

In this article, I’m going to review a hair removal spray cream for men made by a popular men’s grooming brand, Urbangabru.

Urbangabru Hair Removal Spray Cream Review. How effective is it? 1
Urbangabru Hair Removal Cream Spray Review

Most men primarily shave facial hair. But some of them shaves their body hair for grooming purposes.

Getting rid of unwanted body hair helps in a better physical appearance for men, especially athletes, gym-goers, and swimmers.

And for some, it helps to get rid of bad body odor caused by bacteria-infested in body hair, armpits, and even in intimate areas.

Don’t worry, I’ll guide you through the entire process of how to get rid of body hair using men’s hair removal cream by Urbangabru.

Let’s drive into detail.

How to remove body hair? Quick guide for men.

There are a number of hair removal procedures out there in the market.

Some are painful and some are not.

Also, some hair removal techniques require you to go to a professional and some that you can try at home.

Popular hair removal techniques for men:

  • Shaving
  • Electrolysis
  • Waxing
  • Men’s hair removal cream

Shaving: You can perform it using any razor blade or buying specific blades made for hair removal. This process is easy, zero pain is involved, and you get instant results. But there are certain drawbacks to shaving like chances of razor burns, cuts, skin irritation, and thickness of the hair follicles.

Electrolysis: Hair removal by electrolysis is permanent. The success rate is above 90 percent. But the process is a bit painful as electric impulses go in the hair follicle leading up to the hair root.

The procedure requires multiple sessions to achieve the desired result also the person who is performing the task needed to be well skilled.

Waxing: Another popular, painful, but less expensive way to remove body hair is by waxing.

Here, hot wax is poured over the skin made to cool, and then removes it using strips of cloth from the opposite direction of the hair growth.

It is a temporary solution where the hair tends to grow back after four weeks.

Apart from pain, another big drawback of this hair removal process is the cost involved. One session may cost anything between 12000INR-15000INR in India.

Men’s hair removal cream: Lately using hair removal cream. They are becoming popular due to the ease of using them for hair removal.

The natural ingredient that they contain helps in removing the hair from its root and this gives you smooth skin which you won’t get by shaving.

This process is painless, less expensive, and can be done at home. All you need to do is find the best hair removal cream spray that suits your skin. That’s it!

I’m going to review a very special product, Urbangabru Hair Removal Cream Spray. A natural hair removal cream developed by an Indian brand.

I was searching for men’s grooming products online and found this product. Hair removal cream for men is bliss as the process for removing hair is very simple, easy, and effective.

A painless way to remove body hair for men: Urbangabru Hair Removal Spray Cream

The perfect way for men to get rid of unwanted body hair or hair from places they don’t want them to be.

Today, hair removal cream for men is for any reason whatsoever is very much easier and accessible due to hair removal spray cream products.

And Urbangabru, is providing the product to the larger section of men who want a cost affection solution.

A unique product made using organic and natural ingredients like Aloe Vera Extract, Talc, etc.

They made sure that the product is safe to use for the majority of men, irrespective of their skin type.

Ingredients used in making the product:

  • Calcium Carbonate
  • Acrylic Acid
  • Tri Ethanol Amine
  • Hydrolysed Keratin
  • Aloe Vera Extract
  • Talc
  • Allantoin

Let me tell you how simple it is to use the product, you’re going to be surprised.

How to use Urbangabru hair removal spray cream:

Urbangabru Hair Removal Spray Cream Review. How effective is it? 2

Step 1: Clean with water the surface of the desired area where you want to apply the hair removal cream

Step 2: You need to spray it from at least a distance of 10 cm for optimum use. Use a ruler to get an approximate idea.

Step 3: Important step, you need to wait for at least 10 minutes before removing the cream. Give time for the ingredients to work.

Step 4: Apply Luke warm water to wash it off or use a spatula.

Remember, if you’re using a spatula to wipe off the cream, then do it from the opposite direction of the hair growth. 

What is the benefit of using Urbangabru hair removal spray cream?

Urbangabru Hair Removal Spray Cream Review. How effective is it? 3

As a product reviewer, it is my duty to inform the reader about the advantages and disadvantages of a product. So here you go, things that I liked about this particular product.

1. It can be used for any skin type, be it dry or oily. The natural ingredient of the product makes sure it sticks well onto the skin.

2. Very easy to use. I think this is a big benefit, use it wherever and whenever you want. Just spray like deodorant on the skin, wipe and rinse with lukewarm water.

3. Results visible immediately: After applying it using the mentioned process, you can see smooth skin with no ingrown hair. 

4. Painless procedure: I think I have mentioned this word a few times in the article.

Urbangabru’s Men’s hair removal cream does the job brilliantly without giving you any sort of issue.

Unlike waxing & laser hair removal which causes skin irritation, inflammation, and even itchiness. Here, no such thing is involved.

5. No ingrown/under rooted hair: Using this natural hair removal cream leaves no ingrown hair left behind, which you’ll find in the case of shaving.

The ingrown hair or under rooted hair gives an itchy or thorny-like sensation when the skin is in contact with some other surface.

But in this case, hair removal spray cream removes body hair from its root and gives you clean and smooth skin.

Possible disadvantages are:

As they use chemical substances to remove body hair from its root, people with sensitive skin may develop rashes.

Other side effects include darkening of skin & irritation.

For your own safety, it is advisable to apply the cream to a small area and wait to see if you develop any allergies or side effects.

Also read:

Is Urbangabru hair removal spray cream safe?

Well, most of the men’s hair removal creams out there are quite safe. If you’re sensitive to skin or are allergic to chemicals, then you may develop some side effects.

So it’s better to spray the hair removal cream on a small portion, check if you develop any unpleasant sensation if yes avoid using the product.

Also avoid spraying on the skin where you have cuts, rashes, etc.

Can it be used in intimate areas of men?

Yes, absolutely, this product can be used for men’s pubic hair removal. Just follow the steps I’ve mentioned, and you’ll have clean and smooth skin.

Is HRS for men better than veet cream?

Well, it’s a personal choice, I’m yet to use veet, once done I’ll update it. Some with certain types of skin may find using a hair removal spray because it’s just spayed, some may like the traditional way of how they use veet cream applying manually.

Can the spray be used on the face?

It’s a big no. Both face & facial hair is slightly different that body & body hair in nature. The skin on the face is more sensitive than that on the body.

Is Urbangabru HRS better than any available products for hair removal?

Yes! It is on par with its peers like Veet & Vi John. 

What ingredients are used by urbangabru Hair Removal Spray Cream?

Ingredients used by them for this product are Calcium Carbonate, Acrylic Acid, Tri Ethanol Amine, Hydrolyzed Keratin, Aloe Vera Extract, Talc, etc.

Can the spray be used on intimate areas?

Yes, one can spray it on intimate areas, make use to clean with water and no cuts are on the skin.

Can the product be used by girls?

Well can’t vouch for that but saw on their product page mentioning that girls if they want can use this product for hair removal.

How long should I keep the product on the skin?

You need to keep the cream for about 10 minutes on your skin and then wipe it off. Don’t keep beyond the recommended duration, it won’t do any good but harm.

Does the product darken the natural skin tone?

No, as per my knowledge of the product, it doesn’t. It has a de-tan effect on the skin as you remove the body hair.

Are there any side effects?

There can be side effects like burning sensations, skin irritation, or even rashes. But it all depends on the skin type of the user. If you don’t have sensitive skin or an allergy, then chances are low.

How I can remove unwanted hair permanently at home, men?

There are a number of ways men can remove body hair at home. But for a permanent solution, you need to visit a clinic that provides laser hair removal service.

Should men use women’s hair removal products?

A big no. You can achieve some results, but it is not recommended as women & the skin of men differs in nature, men have more coarse skin. So using men’s hair removal cream is a must.

How do you get rid of pubic hair, men?

There are some ways that are effective, namely shaving, waxing, using hair removal creams,, or even electrolysis.

Is hair removal cream harmful to me?

For people having sensitive skin or any skin condition, for them, hair removal cream can be harmful.

What are the disadvantages of hair removal cream?

Some disadvantages of hair removal cream are skiing darkening, burning sensation, irritation, or even rashes.

How can I remove unwanted hair permanently?

Only laser hair removal techniques can help in removing body hair permanently. For that, you need to get in touch with a professional.

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