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WhatsApp 90-day messages disappearing on Samsung phones soon

Although WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app, the app for critical discussions wasn’t the best pick. There were no functionalities given by applications such as Telegram.

However, in this sector, the firm controlled by Facebook has made steps to improve.

WhatsApp has launched a missing message function that enables users to automatically delete particular chats after 7 days.

The firm currently looks to be working on adding a 90-day option.

WhatsApp promises to make your covert conversations easier

WhatsApp 90-day messages disappearing on Samsung phones soon 1

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging program worldwide with functionalities such as group conversations, video and voice calls, WhatsApp Web and more.

Millions of people use it every day to keep their friends and family in touch.

WhatsApp recently added features that make the application more appropriate for delicate talks.

A new “View Once” option for photographs and videos was launched earlier this month. The content that is sent with this option destroys itself when the receiver has viewed it.

WhatsApp presently includes a 7-day option for the missing messages feature. WhatsApp has started to work on a 24-hour option that automatically removes chats one day later.

Some users may find the seven-day option too restricted. That is why WhatsApp now operates a 90-day auto destructing chat option.

The WhatsApp beta update found this feature by WABetaInfo. It’s not live yet, like the 24-hour option. Expect this functionality to go through beta in the next weeks and to make way for stable release.

WhatsApp has released a new feature that enables chats from iOS to an Android smartphone incredibly easy to transfer.

The Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Z Fold 3 from Samsung are the first equipment to receive it before it can be accessed by WhatsApp

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