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New Update – The WhatsApp beta programme has recently started

Now WhatsApp is accessible for beta testing for Desktop Apps. Users were permitted to download the new features from WhatsApp. This is a way to pass the test of WhatsApp for Desktop’s most recent beta version.

WhatsApp faces strong competition from fierce competitors such as Telegram, Signal and others. Not all of this, even some unauthorized applications like WhatsApp Plus and GB.

WhatsApp and others, who are WhatsApp clones with additional features, show a great headache for WhatsApp.

This leaves WhatsApp to work to guarantee that its users do not migrate to others. One method to achieve this is to give more and better functionality than WhatsApp now offers.

Thus, although WhatsApp is largely regarded today as the most commonly used encrypted messaging service, it has its drawbacks.

But it’s a win-win situation for customers because the Facebook owned firm not only adds new capabilities to mobile applications, but also helpful features like future multi-device compatibility and Desktop editing features.

Now, it is claimed that WhatsApp has opened a public WhatsApp Desktop beta test.

The service can add, so rapidly one of the reasons is by listings of beta testers on both iOS and Android, which is what it did again so recently and that’s why you can also participate in the party!

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Now, the popular leaker WABetaInfo says that users may also start testing a beta version of WhatsApp for Desktop that allows users to test new features before using the normal WhatApp version for all the other users. Whereas WhatsApp for Desktop’s Beta version is already accessible, a very important feature is already being tested on WhatsApp for Desktop’s beta versions 2.2133.1.

The firm currently tests support to listen to an audio message you recorded before you transmit to anyone, a feature that is worked on for iOS and Android, for customers planning to install the latest beta version of the programme.

For voice notes known to beta-testers on mobile apps, users will also be able to access the new waveform design.

Registering for WhatsApp is easier on Android and iOS than on Desktop Beta. You don’t have to keep downloading the newest version to retain the current version, because all the future beta updates will come automatically from WABetaInfo. Once the latest beta version has been loaded on WhatsApp for Desktop.

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