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The recent update in Windows 10 breaks down its useful Alt-Tab function, so you can correct it.

Some people have been apparently broken by a new Windows 10 update with a major feature. The popular Alt-Tab feature, which is incredibly practical, doesn’t work for a few people posting the recent version.

Some customers who received the preview in July 2021 (KB5004296) and the update in August 2021 (KB5005033) cannot utilize the Alt-Tab feature correctly, according to a report from Windows Latest.

What’s the function of Alt-Tab?

Using Windows 10, you can navigate between the programs and windows you have open if you hold Alt down and then press the Tab key on the keyboard. Once you stop using the Tab key, pick and spring the highlighted window or application you are stopping on.

This is a simple and effective way to shift between programs, and it’s incredibly useful to move to another app when you use a full-screen program such as playing a game. 

Alt-Tab function in windows 10
Alt-Tab function in Windows 10

This function also helps you if you don’t react to one of the apps or tabs. You can save the remainder of your work and troubleshoot problems with the Alt-Tab function from the app/tab which isn’t working.

The Alt-Tab feature does not work for certain people, according to reports, and users can see a blank screen or are only sent on the Windows 10 computer. Because it is useful, it’s disturbing to be broken.

How is Alt-Tab fixed?

The problem can be solved by some approaches. Some users have claimed that the deactivation of the defective update resolves problems. This is a somewhat serious manner of solving the problem, although it makes sense.

Remove the updates means that any subsequent corrections and extra features that the update introduces will be missing. The last resort should therefore ideally be to reinstall the last update.

The alternative option to remedy that is by deactivating a new addition to Windows 10 to the ‘News and Interest’ feed.

This feed for ‘news and interests’ seems to be the cause of the problem. Click on the Windows 10 taskbar, right-click, and click ‘Settings.’

Click on ‘Turn off’ under the section on ‘News and interests.’ The ‘News and Interests’ widget is deactivated in the taskbar and Alt-Tab works again.

The alternative means of fixing this is via a new Windows-10 add-on to the “News and Interests” stream. This feed of “news and interests” appears to be the cause of the problem.

Right-click the Windows 10 taskbar to do this and pick the ‘Preferences’ tab. Click on ‘Turn off’ under the section on ‘News and interests.’

The ‘News and Interests’ widget is deactivated in the taskbar and Alt-Tab works again.

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