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In 28 minutes, Xiaomi’s Mi 100W Wireless Charging Stand can fully charge a phone

A new 100W wireless charger from global smartphone maker Xiaomi has been unveiled. It’s a beefed-up version of the Mi 80W Wireless Charging Stand, which debuted at the end of March.

Almost identical to its predecessor, the Mi 80W Wireless Charging Stand, is the new Mi 100W Wireless Charging Stand.

Both devices have the same charging speed, but they differ in terms of color, and they have different safety layers.

In terms of design, the two chargers are very similar in appearance and functionality. Vertically or horizontally, phones can be charged.

In 28 minutes, Xiaomi's Mi 100W Wireless Charging Stand can fully charge a phone 1
Mi 100W Wireless Charging Stand

It’s black with gold accents on the newer model, whereas it’s white with silver accents on the earlier model.

The new charger, as its name suggests, has a maximum output of 100W, compared to the prior charger’s 80W maximum output. It’s worth noting that both devices use the same Mi 120W charger and a 6A USB cord, both of which come with the package.

According to the report, none of Xiaomi’s products can charge wirelessly at these rates.

MDY-13-EL is the model number of the Mi 100W Wireless Charging Stand; MDY-13-ED is the model number of the Mi 80W Wireless Charging Stand.

Additionally, the former contains a current calibration layer of protection in addition to the usual protections such as overcurrent and overvoltage as well as over-temperature and foreign body detection as well as electrostatic and electrostatic protection.

Both models have a dual-coil construction and an active fan that runs silently as needed, similar to the earlier model. Qi-compliant, it can charge practically any device that supports wireless charging.

“Ultra-fast wireless charging mode” is only available on the Mi 11 Pro and Mi 11 Ultra. The 67W and 50W charging rates are the maximum supported rates for these phones.

Xiaomi claims that the Mi MIX 4 with a 4,500mAh battery and 50W wireless charging capabilities can charge entirely within 28 minutes utilizing the new Mi 100W Wireless Charging Stand.

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